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Internet of Things Development

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Internet of Things Software and Application Development

Boost your business with the revolutionary Internet of Things system. Embrace the potential of technological advancement with IoT that runs on a network of connected devices.

Software Development

Software to collect and analyze the date over the network of devices


Building a prototype for the desired hardware components


Mechanical prototyping using various prototyping tools

IoT Development for
Various Industries

We cater to different industries with different needs


With rising health awareness, more and more companies are shifting towards IoT to simplify health habits of masses

IoT for Patients

Health consultations are now easy and not limited to doctor's appointments and long visits

IoT for Hospitals

Monitoring patients' health and medical equipments are easier. Tracking medical staff in real time is also made possible

IoT for Health Insurance

IoT devices for transparency between insurance companies and customers regarding claims, price handling and more

iot development companies
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Track and monitor vehicles in real time with IoT programmed intelligent location services

Fleet Management

Instant data and alerts to optimize routes, assess street conditions and monitor delays or issues

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Tracking, managing and deploying connected vehicles in real time

Safe Driver & No-Texting Services

Technology to prevent users from texting and calling so as to ensure safety while driving

Connected Vehicles

IoT in vehicles to update about the vehicle's condition for improved safety and maintenance updates

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking systems not only help transmit data amongst users but also to the authority for better surveillance


Making shopping easy and convenient for users while also providing retailers with online and physical traffic

Retail Supply Chain

Production, transportation and storage made easy with tracking and monitoring facility

Delivery Operations

Tracking and monitoring the products' movement in real time on devices

Warehouse Automation

Locate products easily lowering damage and improving efficiency through IoT

Smart Shelves

Improve customer service through digitization by monitoring aisle inventories and offering point-of-sale systems

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Opening up better opportunities for energy industry with more efficient and modernized energy management

Smart Metering

Providing real-time data on energy so as to enable efficient energy distribution and inform users about their energy usage

Energy Distribution

Monitoring the power distribution amongst users and the adjustments required as per the concerned factors

Asset Performance Management

Sensors being used to measure major factors in working machines along with identification of risk elements

Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation of businesses for better efficiency, competitive advantages and customer centricity

Product Asset Management

Monitoring the assets, analyzing the work done, their location and value

Industry 4.0

A smart unit where machines, systems and humans communicate to monitor and control progress

Performance Optimization

Connected manufacturing machines to accumulate and analyze data for optimization of manufacturing processes

Safety / Security

Combined data from various areas of the industry helps improve the safety/security measures in the manufacturing unit

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Control objects remotely across a network resulting in better efficiency, accuracy and economic profit

Inventory Management

Sensors can provide real-time data and improve visibility of inventory without manual labour

Tools & Equipment Tracking

Monitoring the location, condition and efficiency of construction materials through connected networks

Remote Operation

Reduced human interaction and the ability to control and navigate objects remotely through devices

Predictive Maintenance

Regular analysis of equipment and plant condition to repair any probable damages and later costs

Plan of Approach

We follow a carefully devised strategy of operations to ensure a smooth flow of actions that bring out the best results

Identify the problem

Analysis of the solution

Selection of Hardware

Support & maintenance

Testing and implementation

Building a compatible platform


Benefitting from

IoT Technology

  • Banking and Finance

  • Real

  • Automobile and Transportation

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Online shopping

  • E-learning

  • Trading

  • Insurance

  • Warehouse

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