In this digital world, where people are constantly looking for information on the internet, to not have a website can turn out to be a major disadvantage. Having your own online space is a must as a website is the primary source of information. To compete with bigger businesses, it is necessary to have a convincing website that a user can visit to explore what you are offering. Following are the few reasons why every business, big or small, needs a website:

1.       Increases credibility: As per studies and surveys, it was found that up to 84% consumers thought a business with a website to be more credible and trustworthy than the one that didn’t have any online presence.

2.      Building Your Brand: A website helps you establish a good relationship with your customers so you can communicate with them first hand. Through a website, you can share your story and get clients as most of them are still not aware of businesses that are not present on any online space. By giving a glance into your journey, you can build an instant relationship with the user. Once your customer connects with you, you can further convince them by offering your best products and services. This is not only important for attracting customers but also to build an identity and create goodwill for your brand that goes a long way.

3.     Online Presence: Over 47% of the entire population is online every day which means they are constantly looking for information, surfing E-commerce websites and so on. By building a website, you can increase your visibility on these various platforms and generate sales. However, it is also important to optimize your content so as to maintain your ranking amongst the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). This way, you can increase your site’s traffic and increase conversion.

4.     Promotion: Building a website is relatively a cheaper way of promoting your business as compared to the traditional methods like press releases, ads etc. Once your website is up and running, you can promote your business via social media, blogging websites and email campaigns that lead your customer to your business page. This is a very effective way of generating traffic which can lead to good conversion if marketing guidelines are followed nicely.

5.     Reputation Booster: The primary step to building a good reputation for your business is creating a website. The more convincing your website is, the more your customer will be attracted to your product. But it also requires constant updating and modifications to your website to keep a user engaged. Furthermore, you should also have a mobile-friendly version of your website as a maximum number of smartphone users search for things on their mobile phones. A friendly user interface ensures a returning customer and once a customer is satisfied with your online presence, he will bring more users to your website. Needless to say, word of mouth promotion is more credible and goes a long way.

6.     Long Term Customers: Once your website earns good ranks in SERPs, it builds a good relationship between you and your customer. When you are able to cater to a user’s search query, you are able to earn their trust. If you are able to convince your customer that you have the products and services they are looking for, then they will not only buy from you but also return with more potential customers.

Ease of Access: Internet can reach your business anytime and anywhere. Irrespective of your business type, your business can generate inquiries even when you are sleeping.   

A website is more an investment than an expense as it shows results after some period of time. For a new or small scale business, a good user friendly interface can go a long way. They key is to spend smartly and build a smart website instead of sticking to the available free templates. The better your presentation, the better your sales ratio. Not having a website in this digital age can not only put you at a disadvantage in the competitive sense but also deprive your potential customer from discovering your product. To make your business reach heights, it’s a necessity to have an attractive website that can draw users.

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