India has had a history of outsourcing for a long time now. While initially outsourcing was introduced to cut down operational costs, now it has become a necessity since competition has increased tremendously. However, it’s a good strategy as it also helps one to extend their global reach. Over time, outsourcing has become a great move as one can easily get the best possible services from a third party while working on the improvement of its core operations. This way, an organization can also manage its cost without having to build taskforce for various operations. 

The maximum benefit of outsourcing has been seized by the IT industry. India has impressively established itself as one of the leading IT outsourcing hubs of the world. With the advancement of technology and globalization, the need for outsourcing work in India has also grown over time. The credit for much of India’s growth goes to the IT industry. The rising culture of IT-BPO has made India a favorable destination for outsourcing IT services. India’s association with many international brands has led to the country’s credibility as an outsourcing center. India’s skilled manpower, high-quality infrastructure, and an agreeable tax system are some of the major reasons that outsourcing work in India has become a feasible option. 

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Projects to India

There are many benefits of outsourcing IT to India that make it a preferred destination for outsourcing IT services:

• As compared to other competitors like US, Dubai, America, the cost of outsourcing services to India is much lower. Money is the most important factor in business, this is a major reason that India is a leader in outsourcing IT services globally. 

• India every year produces a good number of IT, BPO and Finance professionals which makes it a favorite in the global market of outsourcing. Skilled taskforce at affordable prices is one of the top benefits of outsourcing IT to India.

• With the technological revolution, India has made sure that the latest technologies and infrastructure are installed. Training the taskforce in the trending technologies has always been a priority for Indian IT agencies. This way, by being able to cater to clients’ needs, India has become one of the top contenders for outsourcing IT services. 

• India’s flexible outsourcing policies make it the most chosen spot for outsourcing IT. India’s major source of foreign income is outsourcing which is why the government’s easy policies give service seekers the reasons turn to India for the highly skilled resources and hassle-free processes.

• Indian professionals are more skilled at holding communications with global clients as compared to other service providers. Flawless communication is one of the key benefits of outsourcing to India which is why international leaders have trusted India for their outsourcing needs.

What Makes India an Outsourcing Magnet?

As mentioned earlier, there are many benefits of outsourcing to India so that the global leaders of the world have turned to India for their outsourcing needs. As per surveys, India’s outsourcing growth has surpassed US$150 billion which proves how immensely this industry is growing. So if you find yourself asking why you should outsource to India then the answer is in front of you: India’s reach in the global market and constant updation of technologies makes it a force to be reckoned with in the world of outsourcing.  IT and eCommerce industries are the major areas where India has established global dominance in recent years. 

With more than 3 million professionals produced every year, India has achieved great heights of talent. These young graduates are not only full of creative ideas but also talent like no other. Other than that, this task force is mainly English speaking which is the primary need for communication in the global market. A brand like Shell has confessed to choosing offshore outsourcing from India due to the quality of skilled and highly trained professionals. 

The flexible pricing of India along with high-quality services is yet another reason why companies from around the world choose to outsource to India. IT ranks amongst the top industries in India due to which the government has also eased the policies to facilitate uninterrupted outsourcing. These are some of the major reasons why companies outsource to India.

A Guide to Outsourcing IT in India

So you have decided to outsource to India but have you devised a plan on how to do it yet? Outsourcing to India is a complex procedure and has to be executed properly to get the desired results. Following are some of the guidelines you can follow before you indulge in outsourcing IT services to India:


Realize Your Target

Before you outsource to India, you need to determine what service do you exactly need to outsource and why. Examine your reasons, execution plan, expenditure, and execution time. Also, make a note of the results you desire from the project.

Scope Out Your Potential Service Provider

Make sure that you go thoroughly through the background of your prospective service providers. Conduct a proper background check of the vendor, their working system and location. Outsourcing to India is an elaborate task so be sure to discuss the whole process regarding the project with the concerned teams before you decide to assign the project. Also, examine the hidden costs carefully before coming to an agreement.

Begin Small

When you settle on a service provider, test their efficiency by handing out a small project. This way, you can examine their working mechanism, task handling, knowledge and time management skills. Once you feel you have come to the right spot, you can assign your vendor a bigger task. 


Don’t forget that you are handing out your company’s personal information so before you disclose sensitive details, ensure that your service provider signs a carefully devised confidentiality document. This way, you can safe lock your company’s important information without the risk of fraud.

Stay Positive But Realistic

The most common mistake most companies do while outsourcing to India is have unrealistic expectations from their ventures. Outsourcing is an easy task as compared to managing an in-house team, but it has its own limitations. No action will bring you instant results, no matter how good or efficient your vendor is. 

Outsourcing Web Development

With the rise of outsourcing IT solutions, offshore web development has certainly become a common term in the IT industry. Now companies worldwide are turning to Indian companies for website outsourcing in India. Offshore web development is a feasible option for companies so they can get a web development project by skilled professionals without having to spend on the management and handling a development team. Website outsourcing companies in India provide web development services by creative personnel who are trained in quality. This way, there is also the scope for best and consistent services at a lower cost. 

Outsourcing Web Designing

Outsourcing web design from India has become quite a trend lately. It is understandable as well as there is no point in engaging human resources for a one time job which does not concern the major operation of your company. It is only logical to get these activities done by specialized firms. You can easily outsource website design from IT companies that employ highly skilled web designers specifically for this job. Instead of preparing a team of personnel who will individually cost you way too much, it’s better to hire a professional agency that specializes in providing services for those who are interested in outsourcing web design services. 


Outsourcing Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is, without a doubt, a dire need for today’s companies. In a time, where online presence is the primary step for reaching your audience, having a full-fledged digital marketing team is a necessity. Many startups undermine the importance of skilled digital marketing personnel and take the risk to prepare a team of their own. This may prove to be a vague effort. Better than hiring individuals is outsourcing digital marketing from IT firms who engage highly trained teams expert at digital marketing techniques. Outsourcing digital marketing is also a good idea because as a startup it’s better to focus on your core activities than trying to do everything under one roof. 

Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

Like all other industries, outsourcing mobile app development services have also become popular lately and why not? It’s always best to seek a third party’s services who excels at building proper infrastructure for the desired product. Outsourcing app development services from outer sources mean a high-quality product with lesser cost as you need not prepare a team in-house. Furthermore, from a specialized firm, you can always rely on fast and effective performance as the teams are well equipped and up to date with the changing technologies and trends. 

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