CakePHP which based on PHP is preferred by most of the website developers these days. Following the MVC pattern, enables developers to build websites faster with the use of less programming code. Even the person who has no technical knowledge can work for CakePHP development. But most of the time, you need to hire a developer who has the capability to turn your ideas into a dynamic, functional, and faster website development.

It may have a high cost but you definitely get a competitive web application. So, here we need to understand how much you will have to pay when you want to hire CakePHP developers.

Skills a CakePHP Developer must Have

A CakePHP expert should have the ability to write, analyze, and maintain the code. She/he will be dependable for developing and executing entire codes of the web application. In simple term, they must be qualified in the following technologies-

They should have a good knowledge of the PHP programming language.

They should have working experience with HTML and CSS.

They have working experience in SQL and MySQL database.

They must have a good understanding of JavaScript.

They must have great knowledge of object-oriented programming language.

They also have good experience with other PHP frameworks – Laravel, Symphony, etc.

They should have knowledge of CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Hiring Cost of CakePHP Developer

Developer’s cost depends on their qualification, experience, proficiency, and location. Considering these factors if we speak about a CakePHP developer’s average earnings, it is $85k for a year in the USA. In the United Kingdom, it may be approx $52k per year. So, this mostly depends on the region and we have to pay accordingly to hire a CakePHP developer for your project.

Hire a CakePHP Developer

Keeping in mind the above-discussed abilities and pay scale we can have a cost estimation for hiring a developer. We can follow these skills level-

A junior developer gets approx $50k per annum; you can set your budget to hire them accordingly. The hourly rate of a junior CakePHP developer can be around $20.

The average development cost of middle-skilled CakePHP developer may around $30 per hour. Their annual salary can be $60k to $70k.

A high-skilled senior developer will charge you around $40 to $50 for an hour. Their per annum earnings may be $80k or above.

As we discussed above the qualities a CakePHP expert should have. These technical factors also affect the cost. Analyzing their basic knowledge of them about the key factors you can set a fixed price or hourly cost for productive website development.

We can see that hiring a CakePHP developer can be beneficial to you in many terms. You can get a high standard web application in very little time. There are many developers available at very low cost; hiring one form them you may save your lots of money and time. So, all new startups and big companies are moving toward CakePHP to get expert solutions.

Benefits of CakePHP Development

As CakePHP is one of the best PHP frameworks, it comes with lots of significant features. It is completely for website development and used in three areas of web app development-

Server-side scripting

Desktop application

Command line scripting.

Developers can find many features and services for a particular task while working on any of the three areas. Some important features of CakePHP development are given here-

It is an open source framework so every developer can use it for website manufacturing. They don’t need to look for any paid software.

Because it is a PHP based framework, it has a large community of experts who can help in sharing and upgrading code and provide code libraries, etc.

CakePHP comes with a wide range of incorporated tools and modules. You don’t have to pay any fees for that. The open source framework is highly cost-efficient and has no licenses and restrictions.

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CakePHP provides a striking website that can help in attracting huge traffic to your business.

The CakePHP website can support leading platforms such as are Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MacOS, etc. Moreover, it can perform on servers such as are Apache, Microsoft Internet information services, etc.

CakePHP offers a high level of security environment as all major frameworks provide. Besides, you will get many possibilities and development features using the CakePHP framework.


Hiring developer from a CakePHP development company or freelance team always depends on your budget what you want to spend on your project. You can find a large number of website developers who are providing development services at a very reasonable price. But you should select one who has great expertise in website development. CakePHP is not a difficult platform but it is imperative to consider all points the developer must have and suits your project.

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