The on-demand medicine delivery app has made the life of humans easy and flexible. They can now avoid wasting hours going to the pharmacy for buying medicines. Just with few taps on the mobile, they can easily order the required medicines and can get medicines at their doorstep. The app is getting popularity as it has brought convenience to human lives by saving them from stepping out of their house for buying medicine.

Read the article until the end to know more about the features, requirements, and cost of developing an on-demand medicine delivery app.

Market Size Worldwide

According to the reports by Statista, the market of mHealth application will grow up to $100 billion and by 2025 the market will grow around $332.9 billion. This progress shows that the market of Health applications will not settle soon without a boom.

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Why Medicine Delivery Apps are Gaining Popularity

The market of on-demand is on hype and with the launch of Medicine Delivery App, the investors made a huge profit. But what are the features or reasons behind the popularity of the App? No doubt, there are some big reasons behind this.


The app allows users to order the medicines they need directly from the app. Due to this, users can save a lot of time and place order just with few taps on the app.

Money Saving

The feature of cost-saving ensures the loyalty of the customer. With the various discounts and offers, users can save money on the order. In addition to this, referrals also help the user in earning loyalty points and rewards.


The app contains complete information and detail about each medicine. It helps the user to know about the benefits, side-effects, and the salts the app contains. This feature makes the app more flexible and easy to use for the user.

Top On Demand Medicine Delivery Apps

Here is a list of top 5 Medicine Delivery Apps

Started as a popular domain of doctor appointment booking app, recently Practo launched an online medicine delivery app in 100+ cities. The app allows you to order from more than 40,000 medicines according to your needs.
Many drug stores and pharmacies have a tie-up with Practo, and they deliver medicine at your doorstep in no time. You can upload a prescription with the in-app camera feature.


Another app on the list with some advanced features for customer flexibility. 1mg has a partnership with multiple local pharmacies which are expert in fulfilling customer demands.

In addition to this, the app also contains details, side effects, and the use of various medicines. The main profit of this app is that you can search for any medicine and get a cheaper alternative to that medicine with the same compound.


This app is comparatively more popular in the market due to its advanced features. Apart from medicines, BookMeds lets you order fitness products, medical equipment, mother and baby care products, proteins supplements, and surgical products also.
BookMeds has multiple distributors and vendors in 600+ cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Indore, and many other cities. The app also provides free delivery of medicine at your doorstep within 4 hours of ordering.


Yodawy is the most famous on-demand medicine delivery app in Egypt. You can search for your preferred medicine from a huge database of medicines. The app also provides a suggestion if you enter the wrong spelling of the medicine.

With more than 500 pharmacy partner in Egypt, the medicines are delivered at your doorstep in 30 minutes. You can also upload the handwritten prescription on the app for your flexibility. The app is available on both iOS and Android platform.


Since 1914, NetMeds has been delivering medicine at doorsteps in India. Operated by Dadha Company, the app allows you to order medicine from any corner in India. You can upload prescription directly in the app and order medicine just with a few taps.

The app provides an additional 15% discount to every customer and medicines are delivered at your home within 2-3 days. Multiple payment options like COD, credit/debit, and card e-wallets are available for user flexibility.

Must Have Features of On Demand Medicine Delivery App

User Panel


Users can create a new account with an email or they can use social media credentials to log in to the app.

Save Address

Users can save their desired address in the app so that they don’t have to enter it each time while ordering. 

Explore Medicines

Users can search the medicine in the app that they need.

Upload Prescription

Users can upload the prescription on the app so that they can order medicine in a better and convenient in the future also.

Add to Shopping Cart

Users can add the required medicines into the cart and can purchase them whenever they need it.

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Talk to a Doctor

Users can discuss their health problems with the doctor or an expert directly from the app.

News and Blogs

Users can view all the latest blogs and pharmacy-related news, various articles and researches related to fitness trends.

Track Order

Users can track the real-time location of the delivery executive. They can also check the order of status whether it is accepted or out for delivery.

Multiple Payment Options

Users can pay for their order by cash or by various integrated payment gateways like e-Wallet, Credit/Debit Card, etc.

Refund & Return Policy

Users can return the medicine if it is not appropriate for them and they can also ask for a refund.

Push Notification

Users are notified with their order status, trending fitness articles and latest discounts & offers by in-app notifications.

Loyalty Reward

Users get bonus rewards and points for referring the app to others.

Rate and Review

Users can rate the services of the pharmacy and the delivery executive for a better future experience.

Pharmacy Panel

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Similarly, like the user, the vendor can also register with an email id or social media credentials.

Maintain Information

The retailer maintains all its information as well as the user’s information to provide the best services to them.

Listing Products

The store manager lists the available products according to category and deletes the unavailable items from the list for better user flexibility.

Maintaining Product Details

The vendor manages all the information and details related to the product and its benefits.

Filtering Similar Products

Store displays the related items based on the user’s search. This allows the user a better experience while shopping.

Managing Orders

All the details and information of received orders are managed by the store.

Maintaining Cost

Store owner manages and sets the price of the medicines according to market policies.

Providing Discounts

Dealer provides time to time offers and discounts to grab the user’s attention.

Reviewing Customers and Delivery Executive

Dealers can keep track of feedback about the customer, delivery executive and even the products that the customer has purchased.

Admin Panel

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The admin manages all the pending requests, orders, customers, and the store details from the dashboard.

Promotional Tools

Admin controls all the marketing templates, advertisement and campaign activities from this section.

Controlling Payments

All the payments made by the users through COD or by the in-app payment methods are verified by the admin.

Maintaining Users and Dealers

All the registered users, pharmacy dealers, and manufacturers are managed by the admin.


Admin notifies the users and the dealers with the latest updates and news related to the app with the notifications through SMS or email.

App Analysis

Admin keeps a real-time analysis of the app by maintaining reports about total orders received, user feedbacks, retention rates for managing the growth of the app.

Advanced Features to Keep You Ahead in Competition

Keeping all the features mentioned above while developing an on-demand medicine delivery app, some more features will keep you ahead in the competition.

In-App Communication

Providing an in-app chat or call feature will help the user in communicating with the pharmacy as well as the delivery executive.

In-App Camera

Clicking the picture of description and then uploading it into the app later is a tricky process. Providing a feature of the camera in the app will surely help the user in uploading the description.

Multi-Language Support

Providing multiple language options in the app will help the user in understanding the app more clearly in their desired language.


This feature in the app will help users with FAQs and other queries they have. Sometimes it will also help with other inquiries and questions also.

Content Management System(CMS)

An adaptable CMS feature will help the admin in managing and maintaining the content of the app. Admin can easily add or remove content with the help of CMS tools.

CRM Integration

CRM or Customer Relations Management tool helps the admin in maintaining a successful relationship with the customers.

Lab Aggregation

This feature helps the user in searching nearby diagnostic centers for various categories such as a full-body checkup, blood tests and much more. They can also have an idea about the cost of each particular test.


The app must have an easy-to-use and attractive user interface so that they can easily understand the functionality of the app.

This feature will remind the aged users at the time when they have to take medicine.

Smart Searching
This will help users to search for medicines or nearby diagnostic centers directly by their name.

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Team Structure for Developing a Medicine Delivery App

For developing an excellent Medicine Delivery App, you need a team of skilled and experienced developers. You must look for a company that can easily understand your needs and requirements for developing an app according to your idea.

Here is a list of most prominent members required for developing an on-demand medicine delivery app.

  • Project Developer
  • Android Developer
  • iOS developer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Backend Developer
  • Tester

Technologies Used in Developing an On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Technologies Features
Twilio, Push Notifications
Nexmo, Twilio SMS and Phone Verification
Braintree, Paypal, e-Wallets Payments
MongoDB, Postgress,  Cassandra Database
AWS, Google, Azure Cloud
Hadoop, Cisco, IBM, Big Data Real Time Analytics

Average Cost of Developing a Medicine Delivery App

Assuming the cost of developing an on-demand Medicine Delivery App is not easy. There are various factors on which cost depends like functionality, features, platform on which the app is being developed.

Estimation of the cost also depends on the development company also. The charges vary according to the country also, for example, in the US the approx. The developing charge is $50-$250 per hour. In Europe, the development cost varies from $20-$170.

If you want to develop a Medicine Delivery App with basic features, then it will cost you around $10,000. But if you want an app with high and advanced features with cross-platform compatibility then it will cost you approx. $20,000-$30,000.

If you want to kick start your business with an on-demand medicine delivery app within a budget cost that we can help you.

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