A selection between AngularJS and ReactJs is always a tough call for developers. AngularJS is overseen by Google and ReactJS created by Facebook. Both of the frameworks and library are creative and resourceful in their specific manners. Moreover, technologies are advanced and can use to create SPAs.

The number of JS tool for SPAs is continuously growing. Both of these are highly used in many businesses. AngularJS has always come up in the list of top frameworks since its releases. Before we get down to the decision which one is good for business, let’s discuss these frameworks deeply.


AngularJS Development Company has already created lots of buzz in the mobile application developments. More and more enterprises have a preference of AngularJS for the development process and solutions. This framework is completely based upon MVC and offers many standard services controllers, directives and other components that took time for javascript to masters

Optimize Security

Security is always a concern that holds back many enterprises to adopt new technologies. A security hole in the app can put the whole data at risk. But that’s not an issue with AngularJS framework. The framework uses API & HTTPs to present the data.

Easy Maintenance

The language is completely based on MVC and permits the developer to think in an object-orienteddesign which in return makes the web maintenance easy.

Speed up the development

The app development took less time and efforts. The code of data binding and data server can be written in few lines.


ReactJS is a large javascript based library that helps in building user interfaces. But react JS can’t create an app on their own.  The library doesn’t have MVC layers. To fill up this gap, the creator Facebook started flux that has different alternatives to continue the workflow.

Easy to learn, Easy to use

ReactJS is easy to use &easy to learn and huge number of tutorials and learning resources are available online. Anyone who comes with Java backgrounds can understand ReactJS quickly. ReactJS generally referred to as a framework but it is just an open source UI library. React delivers a lot of worth to the right audience. And even if you do, there are other ways to fill in the rest of the MVC model.

 Reusable Components

ReactJS is completely based on components. Each component has its own features and controls its own execution. You can reuse the code that makes the app development easier to maintain. The reusable code can also help you maintain a consistent look for the whole projects.

Great Developer Tools

React tools helps you design and debug the technology. The tools are available for browsers- firebox and chrome. Besides, the tools allow you to check the component hierarchy in the virtual DOM.



React vs. AngularJS Comparison

The main dissimilarities between AngularJS (the framework) and React (the library) are in the following aspects: data binding, performance, directives, and templates.

Data Binding


AngularJS connect DOM principles model data through the controller using two-way data binding. Two-way data binding is beneficial for angularjs web development company as it helps us to create interaction between components within applications. But it has a negative impact on the performance of the framework.

React JS

ReactJS uses one-way data binding as it helps to direct the flow of data into one direction. Because of this, when the data was changed it always gets clear. Two-way data binding was available in React before v15 thanks to ReactLink.



AngularJS performance highly relies on two-way data binding. The concept is based on “dirty checking,” a tool that can make our AngularJS application slow to respond. But the latest AngularJS 4 also feature server-side rendering and one-way data binding same like ReactJS that will definitely improve the performance of the framework.


The approach of ReactJS is much more efficient then what AngularJS offers. As for one way data binding, the library doesn’t use watches to track the evolution in the real DOM. Overall; React makes it easier to control application performance. But this doesn’t mean we cannot create a fast application in AngularJS.

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How Much Does it Cost to Create a Reactjs Mobile App?

The React.js app and web application developer salary in the range between $70,000 to $110,000 per year in the United States but is not fixed according to services changes the cost.


United Kingdom $38,000
Canada $42,000
Netherlands $42,000
Italy $39,000
France $44,000
Germany $47,000
Norway $77,000
Switzerland $79,000


Directives and Templates


Directives are the way to organize the code with DOM. Working with AngularJS; you can access the DOM through directives. In this framework, you can also create directives. We make a directive to insert the data into templates. The templates must have directive written with attributes.In order to fix DOM elements with AngularJS applications, we use directives, both standard and specific.


React doesn’t provide division into templates and directives. Mostly, React components is created with a standard React.createClass () method. The JYX syntax in the template is easy to understand even if you are not aware of writing in JSX. Such a method of defining template and logic in one place is better as we spend less time initially on understanding what is happening.

Upwork Reactjs Mobile App Cost?


Both the framework and library- AngularJS & ReactJS are great for writing single page applications.  As you came to the bottom of our discussion, major aspects are already clear to you about the frameworks. Some programmers may believe that React is better than AngularJS or vice versa. What’s really good for your project is entirely dependent on how you use these tools.  So if you are just trying to make a web page then both can be used. But working with React may seem to be easier because you will write old javascript code and build your HTML around with it. On the other hand, AngularJS has a completely different approach that may use unusual syntax and solution. But once you hire angularJS developer, you will certainly benefit from its features.

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