Animation to the user interface and user experience is essential to get, as it plays a crucial role in web designing. The first thing people notice on the website/application is the design.

We design the website to gain attention and to attract users. Earlier it is a tough task to design the website but now it became easier to create the animation with some handy tools and easy software. There are mobile app Development Company in the USA who uses these tools and software.

I have mentioned below the list of the best animation software and tools that top web design companies use.

• In Vision Studio –

In Vision, the studio comes up with some powerful prototyping tools. The studio combines design and prototyping to collaboration into a smooth and friendly workflow. The tool gives you the power to create an intelligent layout as part of the workplace. In addition to this tool, it helps us in create better team communication and super-efficient design to development. The tool is free to use and compatible with every operating system.

• Sketch

The sketch is a vector based and lightweight tool. It helps you to design the interface rapidly and intuitively. One of the great tools of the sketch is nested symbols. With the help of this tool, you can have features like button and complex navigation mechanism that convert the design into shapes and design. The tool is not free of cost,99$ but it is completely worth of money and compatible only on MacBook.

• Zeplin

With the Zeplin tool, the collaboration between developers and designers is effective, simple and time-consuming. Working with a sketch tool becomes easy when you start using it with zeplinplugin. It helps the developer to easily check the font, size, and dimension of your interface. This tool only works in MacBook and for a first project, it’s free to use, then it cost 17$ per month for 3 months.

• Figma Tool-
Figma tool interface is an almost similar tool with the sketch. Figma prototyping tool allows you to design and communicate with other people in real time. Suddenly all the people of the product team, developer team and design team can stay connected and comment on the on-going design. A like sketch tool, this tool also available for windows and MacBook. The tool is cheaper than a sketch. It is free for the first 3 projects then it cost 12$per month for the next three months.


• Mock flow –

Mock flow is an online UX group for creative designers and usability engineers. It includes a one-stop solution for all the user experience which consists of wireframe, sitemap, site guide and many more. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac book users.  Price of Mock flow – free to use for the first project then it cost 14$ for months.

• Balsamiq –

It is a graphical tool used to create the user interface, website, and mobile application. The tool makes you experience that you are using a whiteboard while using the software. Every designer starts from pen and board and this tool works exactly great for them. At last, the tool is compatible with both Mac books and windows and the cost of its single license is 89$.

Web flow-

This tool is for those designers who want to design the website without writing the codes. It is the tool that automatically generates the HTML, javascript code. It allows the designer to look after most aspects of website distribution and web development within the application. AT last, the tool compatibility is on both the operating systems- Mac books and windows.  For the first couple of project is free to use, then it cost 35$ for the unlimited project.



There are many tools and software available for mobile ui ux design.  The website/application interface plays a crucial role in online business. Most people judge companies by looking at their website design. Through many tools are available for the designer. The motive of tools is to make the designer life simpler and the above-mentioned tools are tested and powerful enough to make your design look more attractive. These tools are new and relatively very easy to learn.

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